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Pay attention to choice LED driver

Release Time:2018-05-24 06:25:33 Traffic:1118

According to the characteristics of power grid, the requirements of led characteristics and related led products, the following points should be taken into consideration when choosing led power supply:

General principles

A. According to the characteristics of LED current and voltage, it is ideal to use constant current drive.It can avoid the change of the LED forward voltage and cause the current to change, and the constant current keeps the LED brightness stable.

B. In addition, the LED light flux is inversely proportional to the temperature. Therefore, it should be used to minimize the heating and design of the cooling system.Thus, the environmental temperature of LED work is reduced.

C. In order to guarantee the overall life of LED products, the temperature of the LED should be controlled within a certain range, which is to control the working environment temperature of the LED products.

1 high reliability

LED products mainly include LED chip and power supply, radiator shell, control circuit and other components.The quality of LED power supply directly affects the quality of the product.Especially LED street lamp products, because of the high altitude, maintenance is inconvenient, maintenance costs are also large.

2 high efficiency

LED is an energy-saving product, and the power supply should meet the requirements of energy saving.In particular, the power installation in the lamp structure, especially important.Because the LED's luminous efficiency decreases with the rise of LED temperature.The efficiency of the power supply is high, its loss power is small, the heat inside the lamp is small, also reduce the temperature rise of lamps and lanterns.It is advantageous to delay the light attenuation of LED.

3 constant current drive mode.

In order to cooperate with the volt ampere characteristic of LED, the LED power supply must be driven by constant current.

4 surge protection

LED resistance is poor, so it is necessary to strengthen this protection.In particular, some outdoor products, power grid load and lightning strike will have impact on the power supply.Therefore, the input end of the LED power supply should have the protection circuit to suppress the surge, so as to avoid the instantaneous damage of the LED.

5. Temperature protection function.

In addition to the conventional protection function, it is better to increase the temperature negative feedback of LED chip in the constant current output to prevent the temperature of PN junction of LED chip is too high.

6 LED power life

In order to improve the life of LED power supply, we need to improve it in many aspects: use the capacitor with higher life, improve the power efficiency, do the cooling function of the power supply, and optimize the cooling design of the lamp.LED power supply is the switching power supply. The quality and reliability of the switching power supply depends on its circuit design, production process and the quality of the device.The electrolytic capacitor is an indispensable part of power switching power supply.And the normal working life depends on the power supply of switch power supply used by the life of the electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor of life and is determined by the life and working temperature of the capacitor, electrolytic capacitor in its working life under different temperature difference is very big.

7 working environment

Due to the different local environment, it is important to consider the environment of the work place of LED lamps, such as temperature, humidity, installation position, etc.

Considering the way the power works, if you do not add a soft start circuit, the output will have a voltage spike.For better protection of leds, a soft start circuit is required.This is a key factor driving the stability of the power supply.

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