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LED drive power

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7-9W non-isolated LED driver for panel light

Release Time:2021-03-02 03:10:21 Traffic:298
7-9W non-isolated LED driver for panel light

[specifications] :

Type: non-isolated power

Input voltage: 100-265v.

Input frequency :50/60 (HZ)

Output voltage: 49-52v.

Output current :150MA.

Protection: over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, over load protection.

Application: panel light

[product features] :

1. Adopt professional chip,  constant current  but not constant voltage, the output voltage will be automatically adjusted according to the lamp bead voltage, and the circuit will be protected by over current protection, short circuit protection and open circuit protection.

2. Ultra-small volume design, low noise, safety features.

3. Adopt high efficiency, low consumption, and stable chip to achieve energy saving, environmental protection purpose and constant output current.Ensure the security stability of LED, improve the light efficiency of LED, reduce the light attenuation.

4. Over load, over voltage, short circuit, over current protection.The security of the power supply is guaranteed.

5. Ac input, no need to distinguish positive and negative poles.

6. The output end red is positive and white is negative.

[product features] : LED drive has intelligent control function, so that LED load current can be controlled at the pre-designed level under the influence of external factors.

Constant current IC control 85-265v.

Large transformer, front and rear isolation, guarantee safety, stable current voltage.

High quality electrolysis as usual under -40 c.

Long life, high quality electrolysis can work under room temperature for 50000 hours